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Schools & Education

We have 15 years experience of drumming in schools, pre-schools, PRU and home education settings.  

We can still bring drums to your venue, for large or small group drumming inside your school or venue.


Or- we can bring The Drum Bus.


Why bring The Drum Bus to your school or setting?

We are a self contained venue.

No need for us to occupy a school hall or classroom. 

The Drum Bus has plenty of opening windows to allow air flow as well as wipe clean seats.

The noise is away from classrooms.

It's exciting for children to leave their classroom or usual setting and enjoy the experience of being IN the bus.

We facilitate fun and engaging drumming sessions on board.

Can you imagine the excitement of our 35ft yellow American school bus from New York rolling into your carpark or playground?


School Bus
Drumming with 2 classes of year 6 children at Marjon University in Plymouth
African Drumming with Reception and Year 1 children in  Somerset

Testimonial from staff at alternative provision setting. Drumming in The Drum Bus with teenage girls. September 2022:

"Sharon and the team came to us today, and in spite of a couple of reluctant participants, their enthusiasm was infectious so by the end, everyone was involved. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you so much from me and my team!"

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