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About Us

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Jim & Ben from Shred & Butta completed the bus conversion and were the first to try out the drums.

Sounds Of The Drum Bus

The Drum Bus is an exciting new project from Organic Rhythm. An American School bus from New York that's been converted to offer a mobile drumming venue. So now we have the option to bring the bus to you for drumming on board.


We are also available to bringdrums to your venue without the bus should you require small or large group drumming where the bus is not suitable.

Founded by Sharon Stone in 2007, Organic Rhythm has been on a mission to present a range of hands on interactive programs to inspire, educate and entertain all types of audiences for the last 15 years.


Studying in Africa, America and in the UK, Sharon found the therapeutic benefits of drumming fascinating and set about sharing the joy of group drumming.  

This energising, uplifting and stress releasing activity can connect and bond people and is perfect for team building, conference ice breakers, community building, and more.


The idea of a Drum Bus in the UK came up several years ago but was quickly dismissed as a bit too bonkers !

When the Covid 19 pandemic shut us down and stopped us from working in schools, care homes, conferences and summer events we reconsidered the advantages of having our own mobile venue.

Could we??

Should we???

Why not?!

Let's do it! 

We got in touch with Jim at Shred & Butta who guided us through the purchase and import process. His team then set about our conversion. 

Here they are testing out the drums!

The Drum Bus has a high ceiling and  22 opening windows for good airflow. We've added wipe clean seat cushions which allow us to clean and sanitise them easily. We endeavour to make the space as covid safe as possible.

On July 3rd 2022 we launched The Drum Bus.

BBC Radio Somerset sent a camera a few days before the launch date. Please click the link below for their video.

We now have the option of bring the bus to your venue or event OR we can bring a van load of drums for up to 100 people inside for conferences, parties, schools etc.


What makes us different?

Aside from the DRUM BUS experience…The opportunity to climb on board the iconic American School Bus...

We give EVERYONE a drum, not a shaker, tambourine or triangle, but each person is offered their own drum to play.

We also have mallets for people who may have issues using their hands, or to reach from a wheel chair, as well as drums of different sizes or on stands to make the experience accessible.

We have over 15 years of experience to draw on from events including: conferences, weddings, prison education, massive Scouts and Girlguiding jamborees with up to 10,000 young people, schools and business team meetings as well as our broad studies of the benefits and applications of group drumming in the UK, Africa and USA.


The Bus

We imported our International CE300 American School Bus from New York.

Once on the circuit with East Greenbush Central Schools in New York, the bus is now in Somerset, England.


This new innovative way of working allows us bring the venue to you.

We're in charge of cleaning & sanitising the bus, we have 22 windows to let in plenty of fresh air, the drums are set up and ready to play, and best of all you don't need to find a venue.


Book the iconic all American school bus to roll in to your car park or event space and let your team/class/guests climb on board.

Please do join us on the adventure!

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