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What's happening?

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Now in our 15th year running drumming workshops at Organic Rhythm we are VERY excited to share our new venture/adventure! The Drum Bus!

*What's that? The Drum Bus will be our mobile drumming workshop venue. *Why? Because sometimes our clients have trouble finding a space where the sound of drumming doesn't impact on others in their building. *Why else? To provide a covid safe clean space. It's being converted with easy clean floors and seating, and has LOTS of windows for fresh air. *Anything else? For fun! We'll bring the bus to your workplace, school, wedding or event for full on participatory drumming fun aboard the bus. Is that your actual bus? YES! See below for the number 250, an International, 11 window bus from East Greenbush Central School, New York, USA When? Not yet..... Please follow our journey. The bus has shipped from New York to Southampton, and is now with the clever creative guys at Shred & Butta in Surrey for its conversion. Other questions? Please do get in touch Meanwhile be sure to follow us as the chapter unfolds........

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